Together, we’ll build a passion-driven, creative education system that sets Britain high up on the world stage.

The UK parliament with me in it, will lead by example in the global climate fight.

Let’s build a brighter future, Brighton, where everyone’s got a place to call home!

Please add your name to show your support for my vision of improving Brighton Pavilion as your next Labour MP

Why I'm Standing

I’m standing to be the next Labour MP for Brighton Pavilion, to support this brilliant city and its diverse and vibrant community. I’m just the latest in over 200 years of Izzards in East Sussex and I’m proud of my roots.

Whilst the Tories stoke fear and encourage culture wars, Brighton has shown the country another way; Open-minded and welcoming to all, with a thriving arts, creative and cultural scene. Imaginative, energetic and full of entrepreneurial spirit.

But for 13 years the Tories have tried to drag us down. Police numbers, cut. Fewer dentists, doctors and nurses. A rail network grinding to a halt, and sewage dumping into the sea. Hiking the cost of everything and holding Brighton back. And we all saw what happened under the Green Council — house building stalled whilst rubbish piled high in the streets.

It will take practical action – not protest – to fix what’s broken, and to win this seat, Labour needs a candidate that can inspire many thousands to become our friends and allies in the fight for a fairer-greener-cleaner planet.

Reaching out and lifting people up, is at the heart of my politics. I believe in making connections – not breaking connections. So please join me — get in touch, get involved and let’s make Brighton Pavilion Labour again.

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As an internationally recognised city for education, Brighton holds the key to revitalising the educational backdrop across the country. I’m determined to campaign for increased funding and resources for schools in Brighton Pavilion. From pay to working conditions, I’ll fight for investment in infrastructure, technology, and enriching extracurricular activities to ensure every young mind receives a well-rounded education.

My vision extends beyond classroom walls—I’ll champion art, music, and creativity in education, nurturing individual talents and fostering innovation. A diverse and inclusive system will unlock every student’s potential, regardless of their background.

To continue academic excellence, we must carry on uplifting our teachers too. Initiatives for enhanced training and professional development will inspire greatness in educators and students alike.

Engaging with parents, students, and teachers is vital. My public meetings and forums will shape policies reflecting our community’s needs.

Inclusivity lies at the heart of my agenda, supporting students with special needs, creating an environment where every child shines bright.

Let’s seize this opportunity, Brighton! Together, we’ll build a passion-driven, creative education system that sets Brighton high up on the world stage.


I’ll be relentless in making our patch of the world—and the whole country—greener than ever.

First up, renewable energy. I’ll fight for more solar, wind, and all the clean energy we can get our hands on. Let’s make Brighton Pavilion carbon-neutral and the home of GB Energy.

I’ll be promoting eco-friendly transportation too. Expect me to call for more public transportation, cheaper and more reliable trains, cycling lanes, and pedestrian-friendly spaces. And we will embed this in our city’s DNA. We’ll infuse sustainability into school curricula and community programmes so that every person, of every age, knows the role they can play in making Brighton and Britain greener. 

Local businesses will be part of my plan too. Incentivised and challenged in equal measure to ensure that we fire up that green economy, making life better for everyone, including Mother Earth!

And this is just the beginning! I’ll be rallying with like-minded MPs and organisations, calling for ambitious climate targets, and pushing for transformative legislation. The UK parliament with me in it, will lead by example in the global climate fight.


We’re all after building more homes, and not just any old homes—we want them higher quality but cheaper to rent and buy. It’s a tricky square to circle with rising costs and a lack of proper control over land ownership and planning reform by the Conservatives.

But fear not, because I’ll be working to secure more funding and investment in housing infrastructure right here in Brighton Pavilion. Let’s amp up the supply of affordable homes, as I team up with the Labour-led Council and housing associations to get those houses built and delivered.

And we’re not stopping there. These homes will be eco-friendly, sustainable havens that’ll will help us to reach our carbon net zero targets quicker.

We’re going to build communities that are well-planned, full of green spaces and amenities that feel good to live, work and raise a family in. A home should be a place where you belong and thrive.

We’ll tackle homelessness and housing insecurity head-on. I’m all about championing solutions and supporting initiatives to provide shelter and essential services. Let’s transition folks into stable, long-term accommodations.

I’ll promote policies to make it more attainable for first-time buyers, and ensure we have plenty of affordable rent-to-buy options.

And here’s the deal for any bad private landlords—they need be held accountable for their practices. So, we’ll keep them in check with a proper register, and ban no fault evictions for good.

For me, a home, is so much more than bricks and mortar. It’s about your health, your job prospects, and that warm sense of belonging in our communities. Let’s build a brighter future, Brighton, where everyone’s got a place to call home!


As a child of a nurse, healthcare matters to me. Accessible, high-quality healthcare for all is the name of the game, and I’m determined to deliver it. 

I’ll fight day and night to secure more money for our NHS. I’ll work with every medical expert, clinician and social worker who can help me to ensure our hospitals and care sector get the resources they need for exceptional care and cut the waiting lists.

Mental health is close to my heart. I’ll champion those services and keep breaking down the stigma, so we can all get the help we need without a second thought. I will work to ensure we improve access to counselling in schools and in society.  

Equality in healthcare matters, which is why we need to bridge the gap in healthcare disparities and make sure services are accessible and culturally sensitive for every person in Brighton Pavilion.

I’ll fully support caregivers and upping the quality of care for the elderly and those with disabilities. I’ll promote healthy lifestyles, screenings, and community-based healthcare. 

The NHS is in our country’s DNA and we need to fight for it. 


Safety and security are vital for a thriving environment, so my mission will be to reduce crime, increasing visibility and amp up the well-being of all Brightonians.

First up, community policing is the name of the game. We’re going to build stronger ties between law enforcement and local communities.

Investing in the futures of young people is key to cutting down crime in the long run. So, we’ll increase the funding for youth services and education. Quality education, vocational training, and exciting extracurriculars will be the name of the game.

We’ll explore creating youth zones and safe spaces where young folks can be themselves, get mentorship, and feel like they belong. Say goodbye to risky paths and hello to positive journeys.

And yes, we’ve got to dig deep and address the root causes of crime, like poverty and inequality. I’m all about uplifting disadvantaged communities and providing support where it’s needed most. I want us to ensure everyone has the right to a fair chance in life.

So, let’s build a safer, happier Brighton Pavilion—where crime doesn’t stand a chance, and our community shines bright like the stars we are! 


I’m making job creation a central part of my plan for Brighton Pavilion. As the MP I’ll be on the hunt, all over the world, for investment and initiatives to bring more opportunities right to our doorstep, because everyone deserves the opportunity of a good job, that pays well. 

I’ll be fighting tooth and nail for fair wages and better benefits, improved terms and conditions and fairer work-life balances because making ends meet shouldn’t feel like walking a tightrope. 

Linked to this, will be my push for affordable homes and better rental options. Nobody should be drowning in bills just to have a roof over their heads. 

As a businesswoman of 35 years, I know how vital it is to support local businesses and keep that money here in our community.  

Brighton Pavilion, together we’ll make sure more good jobs are more accessible to more people, the cost of living becomes bearable, and our vibrant and dynamic corner of the world is thriving like never before!

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My work as a UNICEF Ambassador has shown me the global challenges we face. As #Brighton's MP, I'll continue advocating for international development. #UNICEF #GlobalAwareness

My career in the arts has given me a unique global perspective. I’m ready to bring this experience to #Brighton Pavilion and help propel our city to the world. #GlobalOutlook #BrightonMP

Jobs should be about more than just a paycheck; they should bring fulfilment and unleash talent. Let's make this a reality in #Brighton with Labour’s New Deal for workers.

Did you know I've helped raise over £4 million for charities, including the #Brighton Food Partnership and international ones like Nelson Mandela’s 46664 Charity? I’ll continue to support brilliant Brighton causes as our MP. #FundraisingChampion

As your MP I am committed to tackling homelessness head-on. I will work with Councillors to provide shelter to the homeless and ensure stable transition into permanent accommodations. #EndHomelessness #BrightonPavilion

As your MP, I’ll champion art, music, sport and innovation in #Brighton's schools. A diverse education system unlocks every student's potential. #CreativeEducation #BrightonPavilion

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Can I Vote in This Selection?

We don’t know when the voting will be or when the hustings will take place but I do want to start our conversation as soon as possible.

If you are a Brighton Pavilion Labour member, I’d love to meet and have a chat about my ideas for Brighton Pavilion and if you have any questions about the selection and ways you can take part, get in touch via email on [email protected]

Looking forward to hearing from you.